4 Unusual Uses of Functional Custom Umbrellas

4 Unusual Uses of Functional Custom Umbrellas

Traditionally, people only used umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain. However, many people have recently become aware of the dangers of UV rays, and they use umbrellas for sun protection. Brands take advantage of the increased popularity of umbrellas to create functional custom umbrellas that suit specific groups of clients or their business needs. A functional custom umbrella has various unconventional uses. Ready to know some of these uses?

Unconventional use of functional custom umbrellas

Nowadays, umbrellas are not just accessories for protection against harsh weather elements like the sun and rain. People are creatively using them to showcase their brands and fashion prowess, among other things. Do not hesitate to showcase what you can achieve with these umbrellas. Below are some unusual applications of custom umbrellas.

Promoting brand visibility

Brands take advantage of the popularity of umbrellas to intensify their visibility through custom umbrellas. They achieve this by offering exclusive functional custom umbrellas as merchandise items, giveaways, and promotional gifts. Therefore, when individuals use umbrellas on beaches, on rainy days, and at outdoor events, the brands benefit from intensified brand visibility. According to the laws of commerce, increasing brand visibility often increases sales and customer loyalty.

Promoting customer and employee loyalty

Another unusual use of functional custom umbrellas is to promote customer loyalty. Several businesses promote customer loyalty or encourage their consumers to return by giving gifts and incentives. Additionally, companies encourage their employees by rewarding their hard work and giving them gifts. Custom umbrellas make incredible gifts for employees and customers. The umbrellas are cheap to acquire at wholesale prices and customize. Clients tend to return and gain loyalty when they feel appreciated. The same applies to employees.

Using functional custom umbrellas for decorations

You can also use an umbrella as a decoration because they are aesthetically pleasing. For example, you can use custom umbrellas for decorating big events like parties, wedding venues, and corporate events. There are numerous ways to turn custom umbrellas into decorations. For example, you can hang several custom umbrellas from the ceiling for dramatic events or use a series of vibrant colors and designs. If you walk around event arenas, especially where there is entertainment, people are already embracing umbrellas for decorations.

Creating DIY photography studios

You can also use your functional custom umbrellas to create a DIY photography studio. For instance, use a couple of umbrellas to create professionally lit images by diffusing light. You can create a DIY photo studio for corporate events or personal use. For a corporate event, custom umbrellas can serve multiple purposes. For instance, they can promote your brand while helping create fantastic photos of the guests or products.


Functional custom umbrellas are great marketing and branding products because they are practical. For instance, everyone needs an umbrella despite their age, gender, occupation, or social status. Furthermore, umbrellas have a perceived higher value than T-shirts and other standard branded products. Do you know that when you carry an umbrella around, people will notice it first before the clothes you wear? Well, visit Alibaba for cheap custom umbrellas and start enjoying the above benefits.