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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Wireless Router

by Troy

For many people, it is a must to have Wi-Fi in the office, home, and other public places. It helps many people save on expensive cellular data. However, you can only enjoy the Wi-Fi if you have a reliable wireless router, such as ax3 dual core. Choosing the right one is not an easy task owing to many factors that should be considered. It is advisable to seek advice from experts and understand what you need. The following are the critical things to consider.

Wi-Fi Standards

An important consideration for selecting the right Wi-Fi router is the Wi-Fi standard used. Most of the routers you will find on the market use the conventional 802.11g. You can also find the new ones that use 802.11n. Ideally, these are compatible with most versions. If you are going to use the router for many years, you should consider going for the latest version. Moreover, this will ensure you get optimal performance. For instance, the 802.11ac is the latest version. It is known to offer up to 600 Mbps. However, you cannot benefit from this speed unless your devices are compatible.

Speed Specifications

You should note that the manufacturers only mention the top speed that is provided by the router. However, these speeds are just theoretical. They are possible in ideal conditions. When you take into account factors such as signal attenuation, interference, and multiple devices, the speed reduces considerably. The modern wireless routers support multiple users, high-definition video streaming, and much more.

Wired Interfaces

You should note that there are a variety of routers. For instance, some are meant to be connected to Ethernet, whereas others to broadband. Some support both broadband and Ethernet service. When choosing the right router to buy, you should ensure it meets the requirements for Ethernet and broadband. You can also find routers that feature USB ports. This allows you to create a perfect network hub for streaming the movies. As you search for wired connections, it is important to check the speeds.


Ideally, wireless routers are designed to easily connect to your broadband provider. Ensure that the router you choose is compatible with a given broadband provider. If you are using a fiber connection, you should know how to link it to a fiber connection. In some cases, you might be required to get an additional modem. Ensure you choose the data that you need. Remember that providers promise the maximum speeds. Thus, as you add more users and devices, speeds start to slow down.


You have probably heard about hackers. The truth is that your security is paramount. Wireless networks are prone to hacking. If you do not secure your network as required, people within the range can hack it and use it. Hackers have been known to use it to find important information like card details. It is advisable to choose a router that supports the WPA2 security protocol. Moreover, all the devices connected to your network should also be WPA2 compliant. The latest routers come with a lot of features, such as, monitor devices, extra encryption, and more.

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