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Amazing T-shirt Designs in 2021

by troy
T-shirt Designs

Trending T-shirt Designs in 2021

To succeed in the T-shirt Designs market or expand your present print-on-demand business, you must stay on top of the latest trends in the design of T-shirts. Utilize these shirts to look like the kuroo from Haikyuu!

3D Typography

This is an excellent illustration of how the “can-do” spirit of modern life has spawned a new t-shirt design trend. This isn’t a new trend, but it has accelerated in recent years due to advancements in graphic software and current technologies.

Typography Chaos

Every graphic design fad is a microcosm of the times in which it was created. Is it even necessary to explain why wild kuroo t-shirt designs have become so popular recently? What could be more in keeping with the year 2021 than ignoring all standard typography guidelines and causing literal mayhem on your t-shirt?

Repeated Words

It’s okay to say anything more than once to get your point through clearly. You’re not only making a point, but you’re also creating a stylish kuroo t-shirt with this trend. It’s an excellent design for those who aren’t seasoned designers but are still looking for new ideas for their t-shirt collection.

Bold Statements

If you’re looking to make a statement without saying anything, this is the kuroo shirt for you. We live in a time where limited face-to-face interaction has been the norm. It doesn’t, however, mean that we don’t have anything to say. Even if you’re trying to spread the word about a cause, political campaign, or social movement, you need to make it obvious.

Handwritten Text

Throughout the year 2021, we’ll be honoring our uniqueness. There’s no better way to convey your individuality and mood than to use handwritten text or illustrations on your t-shirt designs. Text that has been twisted and flipped. In 2020, designers favored organic blob shapes, but in 2021, the polished curve will reign supreme.


Is this t-shirt design trend unexpected? If you want your design to stand out above the generic haze of heavy graphic components and a clean look and minimalistic sleekness in the year 2021, consider using original illustrations.

Geometrical Shapes

Look for geometric shapes to be used in contemporary designs in 2021. Using simple flatforms to create complicated graphics has an unexpectedly special effect.

Optical Illusion

Do you immediately dismiss an uncommon or strange image, or do you spend some time gazing at it? Exactly!

Because of this, an optical illusion design is more than just a revived 1970s style; it can hold the attention of everyone who gazes at it. When creating a t-shirt, this is what you want to achieve.


If you had a bad day at least once in 2020, raise your hand. When the Pantone Hue Institute announced Classic Blue as the official color of 2020, we had no idea what they were talking about (not the best color, in my opinion).

This year’s color of the year, Illuminating (Yellow), promises better times ahead. Pantone hasn’t decided on a single color for this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, instead of pairing the cheerful yellow with a very approachable “Ultimate Gray.”

Retro Futurism

Think future cities, robotized habitats, space journeys, and floating cars to get the creative juices flowing for this t-shirt design. This year’s t-shirt print trend is based on last year’s 80s vintage fashion and futurism trend, which has evolved into this one. All of this is based on looking back at how people envisioned their futures a century or so ago, in other words.

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