How to Choose the Right Material for the Phone Case

How to Choose the Right Material for the Phone Case

If you have been looking for a perfect phone case, you might be surprised to find that it can be made of nearly any material. Before buying it is a good idea to know the material options you have to ensure you choose the right one. HUAWEI y6p tpu case is one of the best. These are the common materials used to make a phone case.


As you know, plastics are nearly everywhere. This is attributed to their value, durability, and manufacturing flexibility. These qualities make them ideal for making phone cases. You should note that there are different types of plastics with different qualities. The common types of plastics used include polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Ideally, PC is rigid, whereas TPU is softer and flexible.

TPU is not the same as silicone or rubber because it maintains its structure. The truth is that TPU is a great material for absorbing shock, whilst maintaining durability and shape. Most of the cases you find on the market are TPU.

Plastic is a great material for making phone cases because it is impact-resistant and highly durable. Also, it offers great value for the money. You will find these phone cases available in a range of styles. When you take into account the quality of plastic, you might be getting a feeling of being cheap and hollow. Another disadvantage of plastic is that it is not sustainable. Due to continuous sun exposure, plastic phone cases turn yellow.

Silicone Phone Cases

Silicone is a polymer material made by combining silicon and carbon. This material is used in making phone cases and other products. It is more flexible and softer than plastics. Also, it is a great shock absorber. Due to its softness, it is easy to use as a case and remove. Some of the advantages of silicone include being inexpensive, being available in many colors, and its easy-to-grip ability.

Nevertheless, silicone has disadvantages. For instance, it does not fit well and can attract dirt, hair, and dust. Also, its grippy finish makes it difficult to slide into the pocket.


Leather phone cases are designed for sophisticated phone users. You cannot compare this material with plastic or silicone. Some leather cases come with wallet features, offering more than one functionality. If you do not like using real leather or you are a vegan, you can find other options, such as synthetic leather and vegan leather.

The good thing about the leather phone case is that it has tactile texture and boosts sophistication. You will find it to be slightly rough, making it easy to hold. However, it is more expensive than most phone case materials. Also, this material does not provide adequate protection against drops and it is prone to tears and scratches.


If you want to have a real connection to the world, then you should go for wooden phone cases. You can get a handcrafted wooden phone case. Bamboo phone cases are the most popular and are known for protecting devices against scratches. However, wood can chip or crack when dropped.