How to Wrap a Custom Logo Plush for Gifting

How to Wrap a Custom Logo Plush for Gifting

Plush items are among the best gifts you can give someone. Kids associate with them more, but some adults appreciate and find them perfect. If you delight in such pieces, check Alibaba for a suitable custom logo plush. The types available in assorted colors, shapes, and sizes leave you spoilt for choice. Gifting is a great act; you can never go wrong with a plush. But how do you gift it? We look at ways of wrapping a custom logo plush for gifting below.

Ways to wrap a custom logo plush for gifting

A custom logo plush by itself is beautiful. So, it's only fair to find a good way of presenting it to the owner. Whether you are presenting it as a single piece or in multiples, a good presentation will send the message that you intend to achieve. Wrapping is about creativity, as there is no standard way to do it. You can exploit any approach you find attractive, provided it works for you. Here are simple wrapping methods to try out today.

Using a gift bag

Gift bags are the most common; hence everyone gives gifts in them. There are no procedures for using them since you just place the plush inside. It's a simple and quick way of wrapping, plus it looks great. Once the plush is in the bag, show off your creative side. Add ribbons or festive tissue paper, so the recipient doesn't see right through the top. You can also cut out a small part of the gift bag in any shape on the front. Cover the space with cellophane so the owner can peep to see what's in the bag.

Using a cellophane

Cellophane wrapping is another old but beautiful method of gift-giving. Place the plush in a box and seal, keeping the flaps flat. Open up the cellophane sheet and place the gift in the middle. Ensure it covers the whole package, then gather the edges and tie a ribbon. The ribbon can be colored or with patterns to suit the cellophane. Send over the gift and wait for a response. You will be surprised how the receiver gets excited with everything, including the presentation.

Use of a balloon

It's a very recent and trendy way of wrapping gifts. You can go as big as you want, ensuring it doesn't burst. Balloons come in many colors, which is excellent as you can get the receiver's favorite. You need special equipment to do this, so it's better to do it at the store. Balloon wraps may limit your choice of custom logo plush, so be sure it can fit. You can have a ribbon or sticker saying 'pop me' at the top as a guide.

Final words

When thinking of an ideal gift, a custom logo plush for gifting is perfect. They are available in cute varieties, and the colors are unique. Wrap the plush before presenting it with any of the methods above. The wrapping process doesn't have to be difficult. You can do it or ask the custom logo plush seller for assistance.