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Important spare parts for Lexus IS250:

by Troy

Every automobile needs important parts which give the vehicle a complete look. Bumper body kits, headlamps, rear body kits, side mirrors, and carbon fiber spoilers are some significant parts of a vehicle. Lexus is250 is a compact luxury sports car and has expensive spare parts. The lexus is250 headlight differentiates it from other cars and models. Headlights give a specific look to the car and its shape becomes more prominent due to these lights. Car showrooms and online stores offer headlights and front and back body kits for Lexus is250 and other cars.

Different from other models

How are Lexus is250 headlights different from other models? Different car models have different headlights varying according to the car’s shape, size, and other features. The second generation of IS model is IS250 which has a luxurious interior as a distinguishing feature. The headlights used for this model have a unique shape and style. Three types of headlights are usually used for this model. It is common to use Halogen lights (bulb size H11), low beam lights (D4S), HID, and led bulbs for cars. These lights give out different colors. You can choose the type of color bulbs for your car headlights. Yellowish haze, white, and light bluish headlights are commonly available in showrooms.


The company updates the headlights of the cars after intervals. People desire to install the latest version of headlights to give their cars a smarter look. Besides helping in night viewing, headlights enhance the classy look of your car. Automotive headlights are readily available in the market. Fog and smog lamps are also available, which avoid reflection and help in seeing the road.

Replacement of car’s body parts:

If a car meets an accident, you can claim damages from the insurance company. You can also visit any Lexus showroom to repair your car. Replacement of car parts is easy but requires professional skills for proper installation and management. You can conveniently replace headlights and body kits at showrooms. Showrooms also install original car parts according to the choice of the user.

Market rates for headlight installation:

If you want to replace the headlights of your Lexus IS250, this may cost you higher. The higher cost is due to the higher price of the luxurious car. The fancier the car will be, the more expensive will be its spare parts. Including the cost of labor and other tools, headlights of IS250 may cost you about 500$ to 600$. Prices may drop only when a new model of the car launches in the market. Body kit replacement for a car is a more energy-consuming and expensive procedure.


Headlights are always helpful at night, and every car and model has its particular headlights. You can choose your headlight’s color and design while installing a new one. It is not necessary to visit showrooms to buy a new headlight; now you can buy one online. However, it would be helpful if you visit a showroom to avoid damage and to install your headlights adequately.

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