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Types Of Garden Hoses For Your Pressure Washer

by Troy

Cleaning our surroundings and surfaces with a pressure washer has become the norm today. Many people have tested this machine over the years, and it has become trusted for its high efficiency in getting the job done. As you might know, there are different forces that a pressure washing machine dispenses its water with. For the device to properly function, you should connect the right hose capable of withstanding that force. Many people believe that a garden hose cannot be used for pressure washing because it cannot withstand the pressure emitted from the machine, but we beg to differ. There are, in fact, some types of garden hose used for your pressure washer, as you will see as we continue in this article.

Indeed, garden hoses generally are not built for pressure washing machines as they can only withstand water pressure at a very low range. However, there are still some garden hoses that can withstand the high water pressure of the machine. They are durable, strong, and as efficient as any pressure-washing hose. Looking for these hose types can be very tiring as it is important to know the various specifications there are. In this article, we will be providing you with examples of garden hoses you could use with your pressure washing machine.

Types Of Garden Hose For Pressure Washer

  • 1/4 IN by 50 FT Hose: This is a simple hose made to serve all your cleaning needs. The hose is versatile as you can use it with both gas-powered and electrical pressure washers. The hose is lengthy and stretchy with a length of 50ft. The garden hose is not as thick as other hoses, so it can only endure extreme water pressure of about 3,000 PSI.
  • Aterod 75 Feet Expandable Garden Hose:This is one garden hose that can be used with the pressure washer. This hose is user-friendly and suitable for cleaning the windows, vehicles, and other home furniture as it is light weighted. This hose can be expanded three times its original length and retain its length after use; due to the length of this hose; it is advised to be stored in a hose reel if not in use.
  • Briggs And Stratton Hose:This is one of the most commonly used garden hoses. If you’re working on a budget and can’t spend a lot of money, this is the right hose for you as it is very affordable. This hose is simple to use, lightweight, and is another example of hose that can endure 3000 PSI pressure.
  • Crenova Garden Hose:  This garden hose is very simple to use. This hose is solid and thick, so the double inner tube is well protected. Due to the thickness of the material, the hose won’t change shape no matter the amount of pressure it’s subjected to.


A garden hose can also be used for our pressure washer; all it takes is to consider the necessary conditions to be made when selecting the right garden hose for your pressure washer. With the different types of garden hoses we’ve listed in this article, you should now be able to go for the right garden hose that suits the purpose you wish to use it for.

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