Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Doormats Material

Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Doormats Material

A doormat is a basic necessity to keep all the dust and debris away from the home. A doormat seems to be a minor element, but it performs very effective functions for us. Besides keeping the house clean, these mats also elevate home décor and style the room.

Doormats are available in different types, sizes, styles, prices, and materials to meet everyone’s demands. However, when it comes to choosing the right doormat material, many people get confused about why it is important to pay attention here.

Well, regardless of all other factors, the material of the doormat is the sole factor that determines its performance and effectiveness. There is no specific rule for picking mat material, but some materials are better than others for a particular job.

So, in this article, we will briefly explain all the doormat materials that are available in the market with their strengths and shortcomings. Let’s started!

Types of Doormats

1. Microfiber

Microfiber doormats are made of pure or blended microfiber material. Different blends can be used in these mats as the combination of microfiber and cotton or nylon of propylene.

Microfiber mats are known for their excellent absorbing properties. These mats absorb the water and catch all the dust and debris from the shoes. These mats are durable enough to wash in machines and use antibacterial agents.

2. Nylon

Nylon is among the most durable mat materials made from nylon fibers. These mats are best for high-trafficking commercial areas as they can resist high pressure without deforming, are easy to clean, and give a luxurious feel.

3. Natural Rubber or Coir

Rubber and coir are the most commonly used and best doormat materials.

Rubber: Pure and blended rubber is used in these mats. Rubber mats are best for outdoor uses to prevent slips, trips, and falls. This material is pretty unaffected by the environment. However, this material is not suitable for moisture and debris absorption.

Coir: Coir mats are made from natural coconut fibers. These mats have excellent moisture-absorbing properties with quick dry-out ability. The coir mats are used in places prone to mildew and other microorganisms’ growth, leading to serious health issues.

4. Cotton 

Cotton is the most commonly used material in doormats because of its amazing moisture-absorbing properties and low price. Cotton doormats are best for front doors absorbing dust and moisture.

Other than these commonly used materials, synthetic fibers like PVC are also getting popular in the market. These materials come up with cost-effective solutions and the blended properties of other pure types.

Tips for Buying Doormats

When buying a doormat, there are some very important but unnoticeable points that you should keep in mind. These points are;

Non-Slip Backing: Regardless of the material you wanna choose, focus on the back of the mat. Ensure to buy a material that wouldn’t leak the water from the back and cause slippage.

Customization: Other than the options readily available in the market, many websites like Alibaba.com offer a massive range of custom doormats. So, you can order a doormat of your choice and one that complements your interior well.

Washability: The regular cleaning of doormats is essential for health as these mats are the ideal place for bugs, pollens, and mildew growth. So, for watery places like the bathroom, choose a material that is easy to clean or at least has antibacterial effects.


Hopefully, this guide has already answered a lot of your questions. If you want to know more features of all these doormat types, check the Alibaba doormats collection and pick your preference.